July 24th Event – Get Steamed UP at Antique Powerland

July 24th Event – Get Steamed UP at Antique Powerland

Tickets can only be purchased online at this time. This is important because there may still be a limit to the number of people allowed into Antique Powerland at any one time. Obviously, those who procrastinate will not (as of now, at least) be allowed into the park as part of the group.

 I would hope to avoid anyone’s disappointment at not being allowed into the park because of this small – but significant – detail.

Subject: Get Steamed UP at Antique Powerland

 JOCO will have a late July event meeting on Saturday, July 24th, at 8:00 AM at the I-5 SOUTHBOUND French Prairie Rest Area (exit 281 I-5 southbound – proceed to the very back parking area). Assembly time will be no later than 8:00 AM, the group will leave at 8:15 AM and caravan south on I-5 to exit 263 (Brooks exit) and then west to Antique Powerland. 


Tickets are sold for staggered admission times: Our time slot would be from 9:00 AM to 11:00 AM. Currently, tickets may *only* be purchased online (no tickets sold at the gate as this is written), and are available at: The Great Oregon Steam-Up – POWERLAND HERITAGE PARK,, Salem, Oregon – July 24th 2021 | Afton Tickets  


Inside the park we will be able to view such attractions as a working blacksmith shop, steam “traction engines”, take a trolley ride (there may be an  extra fee), tour the Country Store, as well as the Brooks Depot. Many other steam-powered wonders await you there.

 Tickets are $15.00/per person (adult admission) and there is a service charge of just under $5.00 for two tickets (via the online purchase process). NOTE: It appears that tickets will be sold in advance *only* to meet coronavirus restrictions currently in place, and our time in the park is limited to two hours. (At least we will beat the hottest time of the day by going early). FULL DISCLOSURE: As of this writing, Marion County, Oregon, is listed as being in the “High Risk” category on Oregon’s coronavirus information website.

Those who wish can break into smaller groups to seek an early lunch after attending the event, are welcome to cluster together and do so. Both Wilsonville and Salem offer some excellent culinary options. 

 Carl A. Foleen
e-mail: p47_fan@yahoo.com