JOCO/JCNA Concours d’Elegance

JOCO/JCNA Jaguar Concours d'Elegance

JOCO / JCNA Concours d’Elegance

The Jaguar Owners Club of Oregon’s premiere annual event is our Jaguar Clubs of North America (JCNA) sanctioned Concours d’Elegance held in parallel with the All British Field meet at Portland International Raceway.

800+ British vehicles fill the grounds surrounding PIR each summer. It is a spectacle.

The Concours d’Elegance allows each member of JOCO to have their Jaguar(s) comprehensively evaluated by their peers. Divisions exist at both the Driven and Champion level as well as model classes to ensure fair competition. Trophies are awarded for the top three places in each class. Participation in three or more JCNA Concours d’Elegance events allows a vehicle to be eligible for national placing.

Concours Class Information and Registration Form: Download Form Here

More information is available here: All British Field Meet

JOCO / JCNA Sanctioned Slalom

The day immediately following the Concours d’Elegance is an opportunity to flex your Jaguar’s proverbial muscle on a standardized auto-cross style course. Because of the controlled layout and timing, Jaguar Club of North America members compete with each other nationally for the best time in each class.

It’s a safe, controlled environment that is all about having fun and finding your limits. Trophies are presenting to the top three finishing times in each class.

More information is available here:

2015 Results


Class Entrant Club Car Score
C5 Cameron Sheahan NW32-4040 1961 E Type FHC 99.68
C6 Bill Beatty NW32-40890 1970 E Type OTS 99.80
C6 Julie Bailey NW61-45350 1969 E Type FHC 99.68
C6 Jerry Kenney NW32-51563 1970 E Type FHC 97.64
C9 Mark Montgomery NW32-57011 1979 XJ12-S3 99.82
C9 Mark Montgomery NW32-57011 1979 XJ12-S-2 99.74
C9 Cameron Sheahan NW32-4040 1983 XJ6 99.62
C11 Brian Evers NW61-40224 2006 XJ 99.98
C17 John Phillips NW32-47558 1963 E Type FHC 99.85
C17 Eric Hutchinson NW32-34240 1959 MKII 98.67
C19 Ian & Doreen Newby NW42-16909 2011 XF 99.93
C20 Carolyn Arnquist NW32-4040 2015 F Type 99.96
S1 Art Dickenson NW44-34559 1983 XJS 99.86
S2 Alfred Nuttall NW32-51662 1958 XK150 99.13
D1 Jerry Hogevoll NW32-61368 1947 1.5 L 9.985
D1 Charlie Manchester SW46-11142 1956 XK140 9.968
D1 Brad Williams NW32-55862 1960 XK150 9.830
D2 Jerry Hogevoll NW32-61368 1967 E Type OTS 9.995
D2 Brad Williams NW32-55862 1967 E Type FHC 9.986
D3 Rick Martin NW32-4022 1969 E Type OTS 9.989
D3 Clayton Stearns NW32-27661 1969 E Type FHC 9.989
D5 Al Jasso NW32-34236 1961 MKII 9.993
D6 Gary O’Keefe NW42-24079 1984 V12VDP 9.996
D7 David & Evelyn Frisby NW61-51699 1997 XJ6 9.992
D9 William Buegel NW41-50689 1994 XJS 9.997
D9 Frank Bouthillier SW2-47842 1993 XJS 9.975
D10 Judith Hinamon NW32-4009 2003 XK8 Conv 9.987
D11 Don Fulcher NW61-61046 2011 XKR 9.999
D11 Alan & Jan Longair NW61-52368 2007 XK Conv 9.927
D13 Irene Lafferty NW32-47902 2004 X Type 9.994