JOCO/JCNA Concours d’Elegance

JOCO/JCNA Jaguar Concours d'Elegance

JOCO / JCNA Concours d’Elegance

The Jaguar Owners Club of Oregon’s premiere annual event is our Jaguar Clubs of North America (JCNA) sanctioned Concours d’Elegance held in parallel with the All British Field meet at Portland International Raceway.

800+ British vehicles fill the grounds surrounding PIR each summer. It is a spectacle.

The Concours d’Elegance allows each member of JOCO to have their Jaguar(s) comprehensively evaluated by their peers. Divisions exist at both the Driven and Champion level as well as model classes to ensure fair competition. Trophies are awarded for the top three places in each class. Participation in three or more JCNA Concours d’Elegance events allows a vehicle to be eligible for national placing.

Concours Class Information and Registration Form: Coming Soon!

More information is available here: All British Field Meet

JOCO / JCNA Sanctioned Slalom

The day immediately following the Concours d’Elegance is an opportunity to flex your Jaguar’s proverbial muscle on a standardized auto-cross style course. Because of the controlled layout and timing, Jaguar Club of North America members compete with each other nationally for the best time in each class.

It’s a safe, controlled environment that is all about having fun and finding your limits. Trophies are presenting to the top three finishing times in each class.

More information is available here: